Left to Right: Zilvinas Mardosas, Miguel Coder, Ari Gutman
To ensure every client receives the maximum compensation under the law for their injuries, and help every client and their loved ones during extremely trying and difficult times.
To provide equal aggressive representation to each client by providing quality, honest and ethical advise. 
Insurance companies train their employees to ask questions that can and will later be used against you. Prior to providing a statement – recorded Or unrecorded – which may later be used against you, contact a lawyer to ensure proper procedures are followed and the answers you provide are not taken out of context.

At our firm, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by getting to know each client on a personal level and preparing each case for trial from day one. 

We believe preparation is the only way to achieve the ultimate goal, maximum compensation for our clients. Our case approach is to fully emerge ourselves into the case and being familiar with every minute detail. We do this in anticipation of any counter arguments from the opposition. Staying ahead of the competition if our strong suit.